Dental Sedation Services

At Park Dental we offer intravenous sedation for nervous patients. This a popular technique for patients to help them overcome the fear of dentistry.


You will have discuss with your dentist your need for conscious sedation. This may be a one-off to help make a surgical procedure more acceptable. It may also be helpful for patients with high anxiety levels regarding dental treatment. Your dentist will need to know about your general health and medication to assess your suitability for this technique. Please advise your dentist and sedationist if you are particularly anxious about needles as a variety of methods can be used to help reduce this. Local anaesthetic cream can be applied to the injection site or a mild sedative tablet may be given to you before the procedure.


Your dental sedationist Dr Lucy Wray will ensure you have followed the pre-sedation instructions. Your blood pressure, heart rate and oxygen saturation levels will all be recorded before a small cannula (plastic tube) is placed in the back of your hand or in your arm. The sedative drug will be given to you slowly through this cannula and you will become deeply relaxed.

You will remain awake enough to respond to your dental team but most patients will not recall their treatment.

You will be monitored (using a pulse oximeter) throughout your treatment. Your level of sedation can be altered during your treatment to ensure your comfort at all times.


Following your dental treatment recovery from the sedation occurs at different rates for each individual patient.

Your recovery will be monitored. Should recovery be unduly delayed a reversal drug may be administered however, this is unusual. Once you are able to walk unaided and the sedationist is happy with your level of recovery the cannula will be removed. You will then be discharged to the care of your escort to go home and rest. Please ensure that domestic responsibilities are undertaken by someone else as time should be allowed for you to fully recover.

To ensure your safety it is important for you to follow all the pre and post sedation instructions. These will be given to you at your assessment appointment. You will also be given a medical history form and consent for sedation form which you should complete. A suitable escort will be required to look after you following your sedation and to drive you home.

About your Sedationist

Dr Lucy Wray is a dentist who specialises in sedation and special care. She passed her post-graduate Diploma in Conscious Sedation (with merit) from King’s College London in 2006. In 2007 she set up, and continues to run, a dental sedation service for adults with special needs. Dr Wray, in collaboration with other specialists, has published a paper on dental sedation (BDJ 2010; 208: 565-569).

Dr Wray was acknowledged as a DwSI (dentist with special interest) in Conscious Sedation by Hampshire in April 2011.

If you would like any further information and to discuss whether intravenous sedation could help you please call us on 01202 674822, email us at or complete our online booking form: