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I wanted to thank you all for the patience and care that I received when I had my dental implant.

Having just moved into the area I visited the surgery and had to have immediate treatment for a cap that fell out even though I only came for an initial check up. After much discussion and lots of information from Farid, I decided to go ahead with the implant that was suggested among other options that were offered.

I chose to have sedation from an excellent lady because I was so nervous. From the initial visit right through to the final fitting of the crown I was looked after with exceptional kindness and care.

Please accept my gratitude for all the treatment that I had and I would not hesitate to recommend Park Dental to anyone who would like to go to a dentist who offers the highest possible standard in dentistry and care of patients.

Best wishes
— H.O.
Dear Farid and Team

I just wanted to congratulate you on the fantastic feedback that I have received following your recent Excel Assessment.

It was lovely to hear that your dedication and hard work have been recognised, you received nothing but praise from the Assessor and you should all be extremely proud.

I also wanted give further congratulations on the successful diagnosis of Mouth Cancer in one of your patients, your diligence, professionalism and immediate action will have no doubt given the patient the best possible chance of beating this awful disease and further proves the importance of regularly attending the Dentist.

I very much look forward to seeing you all again soon – keep up the excellent work!

Kindest Regards
— Sarah Halford, Denplan Key Client Consultant
I am writing this email to thank Dr Angelos Sideris and his new dental assistant as well as the hygienist and receptionists for the excellent care and professional service I have received from park dental over the past few years.

Recently I had to undergo some major reconstruction work on one of my teeth that was almost beyond repair

The various options were explained to me in advance with the risks involved. Needless to say, on the day itself the procedure to repair my tooth went very well considering I was in the chair for almost an hour.

Dr Angelos Sideris explained what was going to happen throughout and kept me advised of progress during the treatment. He also explained that I should raise my left hand if I needed the work to stop for any reason.

The work went very smoothly without any pain and with only minor discomfort. One of the secrets is to relax and breathe through your nose as much as possible during the procedure.

After the work was completed I was advised that I could ring up at any time if there was a problem. Additionally, it was very nice to get a phone call the next day from the practice to ensure that all was well.

I can truthfully say that I have always been made to feel like a valued patient and the results of my recent treatment have exceeded my expectations.

I would not hesitate to recommend your practice to any potential new patients who are thinking about having some dental treatment to contact Park Dental without further delay as the treatment they will receive is second to none.

I had the misfortune to require dental repair work following the loss of a bridge and crown last summer.

The best option , in my view , after discussion with the dentist , was a dental implant accompanied by a new bridge and crown.

I have always been an anxious dental patient, but each step of the treatment was fully explained with comprehensive post-operative and care instructions given ( verbally and written) throughout. I finally had my smile fully installed in time for Xmas, and I am totally delighted with the result.

The match is perfect , and all is completely healed and comfortable.

Thank you all for your help and professionalism .
— Jackie Berry
I just wanted to say a huge thank you Farid.

Thank you for trying so very hard to make the right implant work for me. You were so very patient, your assistant was also very kind and I felt you both tried really hard.

I felt awful that you were both staying so late, I wanted to know how grateful I was that you tried so hard to make it right. Thank you.

See you soon (not too soon please God)
— Jenny
I just wanted to say thank you so much for yesterday. I feel fine and aside from resembling a gerbil currently, I look ok too.

The sedation was great, and I would recommend your services to anyone who will listen to me. It was especially great for someone like me who was truly terrified.

It was a pleasure to meet you Lucy and thank you so much for making and changing the whole experience one of terror to peace and making it a great result.
— Jennifer Carter
I have recently under gone orthodontic treatment to fix my crooked front teeth. After initially meeting with Dr Farid Asghari, he instantly put my mind at rest, as I was apprehensive about wearing braces as an adult.

All the options and payment plans were discussed and together we picked the right one for me. Treatment started very quickly after the first consultation. I was kept well informed of the process and what to expect throughout. I was told it could take up to 2 years to straighten my teeth but before I knew it 10 months later my braces were removed and I haven’t looked back since.

My confidence has now returned and I am so glad I went through with it. I would highly recommend Dr Farid Asghari and his team to anyone thinking of having orthodontic treatment.
— Sam Culwick
My dental implant from October 2010 has been great. Dr Asghari and Orla the hygienist always pay particular attention to the implant to confirm it continues to be 100%. I am really pleased with the outcome and the implant has been no trouble at all.
— Janet Shenton
A plan and cost of the proposed treatment was explained in detail. Any questions were answered satisfactorily. Extractions were carried out efficiently and painlessly. Impressions were taken considerately and carefully and I appreciated that trays were made to suit the size of my mouth.

A lot of care was taken over fitting the new dentures and ensuring that the teeth were the right colour. From extractions through to walking out with the new dentures I had every confidence in all stages of the work.

I received kindness and consideration from Dr. Asghari, dental assistants and receptionists through what was a lengthy procedure but worthwhile in its result - excellent and well-fitting dentures.
— Janet Everett
When my front tooth started becoming unstable I panicked. The thought of loosing the tooth at the wrong time caused me a lot of anxiety.

I discussed options with Dr Asgahri and it was decided that a dental implant was the best option for me.

I have always been nervous of going to the dentist but he explained exactly what would happen and I was also given written information to read through as well as one to one discussion – I had plenty of opportunity to ask questions – which I did!!!!.

Each step of the procedure was carried out with support and explanation and the care and attention I received by Dr Aghari and all the team was amazing. I was made to feel cared for and the actual implant procedure itself was actually ok.

On the day of the implant I had a last minute panic – Dr Asghari came out to the waiting room and sat with me and again calmly discussed what would happen – he was brilliant and I felt calm within minutes.

The procedure itself was relaxed and the surgery was transformed into a mini operating theatre to ensure that everything was sterile. Dr Asghari and his nurse kept me relaxed throughout by chatting and because they seemed relaxed and happy I was too.

He never ceases to amaze me how he can give me an injection without me even feeling it – but he can!! Injections for me were always the worst part of dental work but not with Dr Asghari – I no longer fear the dentist.

Following the procedure for the implant the follow up care was awesome – he phoned later that evening to make sure I was ok and I had follow up appointments so frequently for check ups that I felt that I deserved to have my own coffee mug kept there. It was reassuring to know that everything was ok.

I had a temporary tooth fitted which stayed for a few months until the implant site healed – then came the big day. I went for the permanent implant to be fitted. This part of the procedure was quite quick and wow, the new tooth looked perfect.

I have my old smile and confidence back.

I cannot express my thanks enough to all the team at Park dental – from HRH Dr Asghari himself to the rest of the team. A special thanks also to Becky – you kept me smiling throughout and were a great support to me. The reception staff were also so accommodating with arranging all the appointments.

Although not part of the implant procedure I cannot write this testimonial without including the fabulous hygienist ladies Orla and Jessica who keep my smile clean and bright who I see regularly. So thank you lovely ladies.

The whole implant process from beginning to end has been a very positive one for me and if anyone is considering this procedure then be reassured that you are in the best hands. If in the future I need another tooth implant I will have no qualms and if anyone ever wants to talk to me about my experience for their reassurance I would happy for Park Dental to forward my contact details.
— Gaynor Shakesheff
I first attended the Park Dental Practice (then in Parkstone Road, Poole) in the severe winter of 1962/63. I saw Dr Levin who diagnosed a sinus problem rather than toothache!! Mr Sullivan, who was Dr Levin’s partner in the practice left about that time to become a School Dentist. Mr Hooper-Greenhill (who replaced Mr Sullivan), was then my dentist for many years until he retired.

Throughout the fifty years I have been a patient at the Park Dental Practice I have always received excellent care and attention from everyone including the Receptionists and Dental Nurses. I am now 84 years of age and still have all my own teeth which must speak volumes for all the care I have received over the years.
— Mrs F. H
I have recently had treatment for a dental implant at the practice and am very happy with the end result. By necessity, it is a lengthy process but I was kept informed at all stages of what was going to happen. The care during and after the treatment by Dr Asghari and the dental nurses was excellent and the whole team at the practice is very good. Now the implant has been in place for a few weeks it feels great and my jaw also feels much better generally.
— Vanda
I am now 67 and I have snored since my early thirties. My partner complained about my snoring, and also made a recording of my erratic breathing whilst asleep, suspecting sleep apnoea. It wasn’t until a mate said that he wasn’t prepared to spend another weekend in a motorhome with me during a motor racing event that I finally got the message.

He did me, and my nearest and dearest, a great favour.

I saw my doctor who arranged a test which indicated that I had mild sleep apnoea. Since I am tall, slim and reasonably fit he was a bit surprised and wanted to do a further test. The test took some time to arrange and in the meantime I got Park Dental Practice to make me an S4S mandibular device. Whilst it took a while to get used to having something in my mouth overnight, I persevered, and by the time the second test was carried out I was able to wear it all night. The result indicated that I no longer suffered from sleep apnoea. The doctor said “How did you do that?” and I explained the use of my S4S device. He smiled, and that doesn’t often happen!

My partner and I now get a good night’s sleep and I can join my mates to enjoy weekends away at motorsport events without the fear of being pilloried for keeping them awake!

It was 12 years or more ago when I started using the mandibular device and it is only on rare occasions, maybe caused by a severe cold, that I don’t use it. I’m now on my third device.

My partner and I travel abroad frequently, and in addition to checking that we have passports, money and tickets before we leave, the mandibular device also has very high priority.
— Tony Day
I have had a complete top set of teeth implanted by Dr. Farid Asghari, which I am delighted with, everything about the whole procedure was done with the minimum of discomfort.

Surroundings and staff were excellent as was the aftercare!

I would recommend the Park Dental Practice to anybody needing treatment.
— Mary Northover
Since moving to Park Dental about 3 years ago I have been very satisfied with the dental care that my two daughters and myself have received. The reception staff at Park Dental have always been very helpful and friendly. The dental nurses have also always been kind and have put us at ease both before and during any procedures that we have had.

Both my children have had very positive experiences when they have visited Park Dental. I believe it is very important to the future of their teeth as a bad experience might lead them to avoid the dentist in years to come! They both had to have teeth extracted recently and they both said it “didn’t hurt at all”! You very kindly talked them through the procedure and explained what to expect which they greatly appreciated. Especially my daughter Annabel who had to have 4 teeth extracted. I am very grateful for extreme time and care you took in making the whole experience as calm and painless as possible.

Also, I have been very pleased with the results of the orthodontic work that you have carried out on my teeth. As I had to have a tooth extracted beforehand I was very apprehensive not having had a tooth out since I was 18 (over 25 years ago!). However you put me at ease and made the procedure completely pain free! The cost was very reasonable and the estimated time it would take was accurate.

I have and will continue to recommended your practise to my friends and colleagues as I feel you provide excellent dental care in a friendly, caring and professional atmosphere for a reasonable cost.
— Tanya Kenneally
I had a dental implant fitted last year and I have been more than happy with the outcome. A professional and kind service from the team throughout, with each step explained and understood. An excellent overall result. Thank you Park Dental Practice.
— Janet Shenton
Following my visit to the dentist today I would like to share my experience. I am not exactly a “dentist phobic” but I have always felt quite nervous about having any form of treatment.

Today I had to have an injection – I am usually really nervous about them. You reassured me that you would not hurt and to be honest I did not entirely believe you.

However I honestly did not feel a thing – I am amazed. It is the first injection I can ever remember having that did not hurt. I had to give you a 10/10. It has reassured me that if I need any further treatment I do not need to be anxious.

Also thank you for seeing me so promptly (before my actual appointment time) as I was in a hurry and needed to get back to work.
— Gaynor Shakesheff
Just had to drop a line to thank you for my painless visit to you this week, and the speed and care you took following the x ray. I must admit when I received the phone call the day after the x ray, to say you wanted me back in again as a spot of deep decay had shown up on the x ray, I am embarrassed to say that I was not looking forward to the treatment.

Like lots of other people, I have a total fear of having the injections, and seriously contemplated not going for the appointment, the following day. I was welcomed in as usual, and took the dreaded chair. I closed my eyes and was aware of you painlessly poking about in my mouth, I presumed locating the tooth to be worked on. I was amazed when you asked me if I felt anything. I said no, and prepared myself for the injections. I was told that the injections had been done, and you were now going to work on the tooth and do the filling.

I did not feel any pain whatsoever, and really could not believe that I had just had the injections to numb my tooth, without feeling a thing. The rest of the operation went well, again without any pain, with you checking throughout if I was ok.

Sorry this is a bit long, but just wanted to say thanks!
— Luis Pujol
I visited Dr. Asghari of Park Dental Practice, Poole on Monday 13th June 2011 to have a temporary veneer put on my front tooth. To say I have a phobia about dental injections would be an understatement. I told Dr Asghari I was extremely concerned about having to have the injections to the point I did not sleep the night before. He re-assured me that I would feel no pain or discomfort and managed to calm me down before giving them to me. I could not believe he had given me the injections as I honestly did not feel the needle go into my gums.I was astounded then absolutely overjoyed with the way he dealt with my fear.

I have to go back in two weeks time to have my final veneer fitted and I now have no hesitation or worry about the treatment I will be having.

I would like to say a ‘Big Thank You’ to Dr Asghari for getting me over this dreadful phobia.
— Jackii Twiss